The MODO Shading Masterclass - Part 1+2, Metals

The MODO Shading Masterclass - Part 1, Introduction + Part 2, Metals
1 hrs 18 m(P1) + 1 hr 57 M(P2) | Aac, 48KHz, stereo | AVC1(MP4), 1920x1080, 29.97 fps | 1.46GB
Genre: eLearning

This is the first ever advanced shading tutorial created for MODO, which will show you how to take your shading skills to the next level by demonstrating the two key approaches for creating photorealistic materials: using measured physical data, and observation of real-world reference.
This first video in the series lays out the theoretical foundation from which you can then create shaders with a solid basis in physical values. The tutorial will explain the two main types of physical material, how they differ in their reflective properties, and what typical values you should use to make believable and predictable shaders.

In this second part of the Modo Shading Masterclass series builds upon the concepts introduced in part one and takes an in-depth look at shading metals. This is the most comprehensive tutorial ever made on the shading properties of metals, in any software, and explains every important aspect of metals in detail: showing how to accurately use measured reflectance data, then moving on to describe in detail the most common finishes, and then explaining the effects of oxidation and corrosion, using real-world references to build realistic shaders every time.

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