AdvancED Flash on Devices - Mobile Development with Flash Lite and Flash 10

AdvancED Flash on Devices: Mobile Development with Flash Lite and Flash 10 By Scott Janousek, Elad Elrom, Thomas Joos
Publisher: friends of ED 2009 | 744 Pages | ISBN: 1430219041 | PDF | 13 MB

In this book, you’ll learn how to:
• Create Flash Lite-based widgets on Nokia Series 60 devices and other Flash enabled devices
• Extend device capabilities using both Sony Ericsson Capuchin and Nokia S60 Platform Services with Flash
• Leverage Flash Video on smartphones and other Non-PC devices
• Approach migrating existing Flash content into native iPhone content using 3rd Party Developer tools
• Create two full working real life touch screen Flex mobile applications

AdvancED Flash on Devices, written for existing Flash developers and other interested mobile professionals, covers both mobile and device development with Flash Lite, as well as upcoming Flash 10 for smartphones and other non-PC devices.
The book starts with a discussion of the mobile development landscape—the different players, tools, hardware, platforms, and operating systems. The second part of the book covers Flash Lite and how to take advantage of new features supported in Flash Lite 3.x. Then, the book covers AIR applications for multiple screens and includes topics such as:
• How to utilize new features of AIR 1.5 and Flash 10 as well as pitfalls to be aware of when building an AIR application for mobile
• How to include platform and context awareness for better adaptation
• How to adopt an application on multiple devices using dynamic graphical GUI
• Creating two full working real life touch screen mobile application

The last part of the book covers creating Flex applications running Flash 9 and 10 in mobile device browsers and includes topics such as:
• How to adopt Flex for multiple mobile device browsers
• How to create various video players for Flash Lite and Flash 10 and optimize your content.
• How to take advantage of Flash Media Server
Experienced Flash and ActionScript programmers who want to extend their skills to mobile platforms should find this book a great help in developing in this exciting and expanding marketplace.

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